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Favorite Feature of the Deus:  “You can customize pre-set factory setting in your own order. For example, you can have the deep program, analyze iron sounds and distinguish targets with a higher reactivity setting. What you need is just to switch between your programs. Can you find any easier solution than this!? This is an awesome feature that I hope is going to be useful for all detectorists.”


Ali is an IT support technician. For him, metal detecting is not only a hobby but it is an alternative to preserve history and relics. He believes that cleaning leads and other heavy metals from our environment can be beneficial for the health of all plants, animals, insects, and people. He also emphasized on the information that could be transferred by other detectorists to farmers and local people. He reminds home owners while getting permission that it is a good idea to collect and clean the harmful substance such as cans, glass, and other sharp objects from the area which can reduce the environmental hazards. He loves revolutionary war relics. Ali has been detecting for three years with Chris Tracy; “I’m glad I met such a great person on Craigslist. We are brother detectorists now”. Ali can also speak Turkish and Persian. So you can ask him any questions about XP-Deus in these languages also. He enjoys researching history as well as fishing, kayaking, gardening, photography, and other outdoor activities.


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