Cameron Maser


I swing an XP Deus because of its simplicity AND its complexity.  The Deus is truly a pick up and go machine for the beginner detectorist, or new XP user.  On the other hand, by delving into its settings, the more experienced hunter can finely tune a program to maximize finds at a troublesome site.  If you are new to the hobby, or are a seasoned relic hunter, the XP Deus has you covered.  Happy hunting and we look forward to seeing what you find.”


My name is Cameron Maser and I am thrilled to join such a talented team.  I love history; whether it is reading, watching documentaries, or visiting museums – I cannot get enough of it.  Metal detecting is the ideal hobby for me, as it lets me combine my love of the outdoors, with my thirst for knowledge.  I enjoy investigating the origin, history, and usage of my finds.  Each good target can tell a story, and it is fun to “hear” what it has to tell you.

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