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  “I love my XP Deus because of the multiple settings and the ability to customize the machine. You are able to change one machine into another any time while in the field, also the ability to download a new update and have a new machine at no extra cost.” 


  David Kimble lives in Oklahoma City and is the president of his local metal detecting club. David is also the webmaster for XP Team USA’s Web page.

“I love history and learning new things, I am a real tech guy. All new technologies interest me and I love to learn about them. I Like to bass fish and kayak and pretty much anything out doors. I first started metal detecting about 2008 and I realized how much I love history. I got back into detecting around 2015 and have been at it very strong since. I am the president of Central Oklahoma Metal Detecting Club, and I enjoy helping and teaching others and learning about everything metal detecting.” 


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