Deus Ray


















  “XP Deus Versatility with wireless technology, with free updates for your equipment stands out front of all other detectors when you do your diligence. My favorite Feature of the Deus: Without a doubt, the light weight design that was formulated to this machine is incredible and will shock you when you pick it up. I found out after my first hunt just how important this feature is to me. I can now swing my XP Deus all day and not be sore or tired at the end of the day ,which allows me to enjoy this hobby that I love so much.”



Ray Houston is a retired Oklahoma City Firefighter/Realtor. He’s been actively detecting XP for 1 month along with his wife, and seven grandchildren, he enjoys uncovering history and cruising for vacations where he enjoys detecting beaches.

On XP Deus Team USA :  ” I am blessed to be part of the team. As a brand ambassador for XP Detectors, I am ready to share my knowledge and passion for this extraordinary company with those right here in the United States.”