Don Westbrook



” What I like the most is the wireless and compact design. You can easily travel with it since it collapses down and easily fits into an assault pack. It makes navigating in difficult terrain easier when you are hiking to remote locations to detect.”


Don Westbrook is an Army Infantry Combat veteran located by the Fox Cities in WI. He’s been an avid user of the XP Deus for 7 years and has educated numerous people on the various setting and functions. Don has a passion for metal detecting and growing the community through American History Metal Detecting group on Facebook. He enjoys being in the beautiful Northern Woods of WI with his wife and 2 daughters.

“My favorite feature of the XP Deus is the reactivity setting. This setting allows you to adjust the machines processor speed giving it clearer results in high trash or iron infested sites.” On XP Team USA: “I am excited to be with this team of experts within the XP metal detecting community. My goal is to share my knowledge and support new XP users on their journey.”

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