Edward Monge



“On XP Deus Team USA:  I feel so honored to be a part of the team.  As a brand ambassador and having an advantage of being bilingual in English and Spanish, I am ready to share my passion, knowledge and enthusiasm in this prestigious company.”


Edward Monge is Detector CR on Youtube, a retired US Army 82nd Airborne Division Combat Veteran from Bethlehem, PA.  He is passionately dedicated to metal detecting for more than two years along with his wife.  He enjoys travel and adventure in metal detecting, in an attempt to uncover a piece of history through finding relics and treasures underground.

“On the XP Deus comfortability:  I am impressed with XP Deus  smart design,  all digital, wireless piece of machine that is also lightweight and compact for easy travel anywhere.  It is very lightweight and comfortable that I can enjoy for hours and hours of metal detecting.”

“My favorite feature of the Deus:  is its Advanced technology, sleek looking main unit that is highly engineered for speed and accuracy on spotting my desired targets.”

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