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“I truly appreciate and am honored to be part of the XP Deus Team USA! I am excited to help others get started with the XP Deus, and share my knowledge of the detector. I believe others will grow to enjoy this awesome machine as much as I do!”


Elizabeth Mueller is a healthcare provider who lives in the Seattle, Washington area. At every possible opportunity, she goes metal detecting with the XP Deus. She has been using the XP Deus for about three and a half years. She enjoys metal detecting with her boyfriend, her local detecting club, and groups across the country! Another interest is digging for old bottles and relics. Why the Deus? “I love how I can customize the settings based on the ground at the site where I’m detecting. I have a program for finding silver, and a program for detecting on the beach. Customizing the settings helps improve the accuracy in discriminating targets. When I use my silver program, the high-pitched silver squeak are hard to miss! Also, I can change programs if the site contains electrical interference. In addition, the Deus easily folds down and can be taken apart to fit into a suitcase. The Deus can also be taken into the water, with the 8’ water antenna.” Favorite Deus Feature: “I often go metal detecting for many hours in a day. The Deus is so lightweight that my arm never gets tired! I don’t think other detectors are as lightweight. That feature is definitely an advantage.”

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