Grant Hansen



“The XP Deus is the perfect machine for my needs. It’s versatile enough to handle both junk-ridden home sites and quiet, expansive fields. It’s super lightweight and compactible, which makes packing for my yearly UK detecting trip a breeze. And the fact that it’s scalable means I’ll never be stuck with out-of-date technology.


Grant believes in the little things… because they can mean so much. Oftentimes, the smaller the find the bigger the thrill. A life-long native of Bergen County, NJ, Grant does everything with commitment and passion. Whether he’s focused on family, work, or digging little holes in the ground in the hopes of finding something historic and/or shiny, he believes every minute counts.

“I’m drawn to metal detecting because I love discovery. I love learning. I love connecting with history through tangible artifacts. We’re treasure hunters – how cool is that!?”

Grant also enjoys spending time with his wife and 6-year-old daughter, fitness training, writing, sea glass hunting, and of course, cleaning and preserving his finds.

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