IT’S A NUMBERS GAME…. By Josh Kimmel


     Do you play the numbers game? No, I’m not talking about the lottery numbers. I’m talking about Target numbers. No… Not the target numbers you see on your screen but the concentration of Target numbers.  The target Rich environment!  Some days it’s a fun and rewarding game and other days it can be quite frustrating.  It’s a simple formula… To find the targets and that you seek, you have to go to where they hide.  Think about it… Where do we find treasure? Obviously the answer is under our coil. Luck may play a part for some people but we still have to get our coil over the Target.

     Chances are good that we are not going to find civil war relics on your local wood chip tot lot.  Likewise, chances are also good you may not find old coins and tokens at your newly built community splash pad.  I’m not saying and you won’t find targets in these areas, but you may not find the targets that you are looking for or hoping for. Research can play a big part in finding the areas you seek, as well as talking to the locals, and most importantly listening to what they have to say.

     Lately I have had a pretty good run on rings.  Some good, some bling, some returned and others look nice in the display.  On one particular outing not too long ago I managed to find three rings in about 15 minutes. Some people have asked me how I got so lucky. Short answer… I was playing the numbers game.

     I got into a target-rich environment where there had been a large concentration of people over a duration of many years. By doing this I increased my odds of the potential of finding jewelry.  Believe me you’re going to dig your fair share of trash but as long as you are patient and move slow you will find the good targets that you seek.  Over a short duration of time, working just a couple small areas of this location I have pulled I believe 9 rings including a diamond ring and a couple of silver earrings. You’ve got to be patient, persistent, determined and willing to play the numbers game!

     The flexibility and versatility of the XP Deus can be an asset in these areas where targets are concentrated. Get out there and play the numbers game!


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