Jim Kochevar


“As young boy, I found a 1919 Wheat Cent while working in a garden, that started me on a life-long quest of coin collecting and dreaming of finding lost treasures.  Many years later I walked past a hobby store that had a large display of coins and interesting item.  A sign stated they were all found with a metal detector.  I went into the store and walk out with a top of the line detector.  Over the past 26 years I have bought many top of the line detectors and just recently got the XP ORX with a water kit and hard case.  I am excite to take the ORX to the lake and try out the specially designed gold and deep programs.”


















Jim and his wife LaNeta are retired and live in a very rural area of northern Minnesota – The Land of 10,000 Lakes.  Jim and his wife enjoy spending time with their family, 8 grandchildren and friends.  They both enjoy metal detecting and RVing.  Jim has been metal detecting for 26 years and for the last 13 years he has been an avid water detectorist.

Favorite Features of the XP ORX:  There are two qualities of the ORX that stand out for me. First, I really like the idea of a high tech, high performance machine that has an intuitive menu format that is simple to navigate. Secondly, having experienced chronic neck and back pain since my military service, the fact that all the power and technologies of the ORX are contained in a very light weight, comfortably designed machine make it a joy for me to use.  It’s simply the best of both worlds!