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“Through this hobby, I’ve been able to meet and make many friends. There are so many more metal detectorist’s that I have yet to meet , but I hope to extend my knowledge of the Xp deus as well as friendship and love of relic hunting with you and the rest of the detecting world!”




John Deville (La Gold)

I grew up in a house that loved and appreciated the art of hunting artifacts. I grew up side-by-side with my dad, searching for what treasures history had left us. The idea of metal detecting had always been in the back of my mind, but it had never seemed like a realistic venture I could or ever would explore. In my late 20’s, however, finding arrowheads and other Native American artifacts just wasn’t enough and the lure of silver coins took hold of me! In my first days of metal detecting I had a bounty hunter metal detector but I eventually became bored with it and put it on the back burner for a few more years. Fortunately for me, fate had other plans. One day, I randomly found my great grandfather’s Louisiana Forestry Commission service award pin. This find absolutely rekindled the spark that I had initially felt about metal detecting and it was the firstsilver find that got me hooked on coin shooting! After that, I bought a Fisher F2 and quickly located a home site in a farm field, finding my first old silver – a barber dime. That’s not what really got me, though. This was the same site where I I dug my first button – a KMI Cadet Coat Button – and what solidified my love of relic hunting! I decided to step it up a notch and went through several nice detectors, including the CTX3030 until I finally settled in with an XP Deus and have been using it alone for the past 4 years!.