Josh Kimmel



“I’m honored to be a part of this team of passionate and knowledgeable detectorist. I look forward to helping the team in growing the community by helping others!”


Josh Kimmel is the host of the internet based podcast known as “Beyond Sight And Sound”. He is located near the shores of Grand Lake St Marys, in downtown Celina, Ohio. With more than 20 years of experience in metal detecting, he has seen many machines and environments and has been using the XP Deus for about a year and a half now. Josh enjoys local history and reuniting people with lost items. He also uses his podcast and Facebook groups to spread the word about the hobby as well as motivating and inspiring others to get involved. He enjoys the outdoor environment and bringing the pieces of the past to the present one piece at a time in his search for history.

“My favorite feature of the XP Deus is the Reactivity Setting. Reactivity allows you to adjust processing speed to help unmask those hidden targets in high trash environments and provide better target separation.”

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