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“As a member of XP Deus Team USA, first and foremost, I’m honored and excited to share my expertise. I’m more then willing to help others learn the Awesome power of XP Deus.”


Kelly Noeller is a Writer and Professional Treasure Hunter from Cameron, MO. Kelly and his wife Teresa are featured on The Cover of Western & Eastern Treasures Magazine, May 2017 Issue. He has been detecting for 30+ years and has seen a lot of changes in the hobby. His Great Grand Parents started him treasure hunting when he was 10 years old. Kelly is also the creator of Metal Detectors of America on Facebook. Kelly’s most recent website is, he calls it a “One Stop Super Shop” for all detectorist.

Favorite thing to do as a family, is to load up on a Friday, pick a town that was founded pre- 1880’s, find the oldest map of that town, then find the oldest house foundation, get permission and metal detect it. His “Weapon of Choice” is the XP Deus, which has an outstanding feature, that he calls “Shifting on the Fly”. What other machine has the capabilities to go from deep silver to relics by changing programs at the push of a button. Rock! On!!

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