Lennie Quelland



“XP Deus’ versatility: “I used the Tesoro line for years which got me familiar with tone audio as it didn’t give me information such as VDI numbers so I was able to pick up on the XP Deus menus very easily.  And a plus is all of the extra features.”

Favourite Feature of the Deus:
“As someone that suffers from debilitating arthritis, the Deus which is slightly over 2 pounds is a perfect fit for me. The adjustable lengths and the balanced comfort of swinging the Deus allows me to continue this hobby for a longer period.”

On XP Deus Team USA: “I’m super excited to be able to help others with instructional videos and I am able to talk to current XP Deus users and give tips and advice on using the Deus detectors through monthly podcast communication.”


Lennie Quelland lives in Ankeny, IA with his wife of 20 years. There are five children among them both and three grandchildren. Lennie first gained interest in metal detecting as a child in the Boy Scouts. He’s been actively detecting with the XP Deus for 4 years.  He enjoys spending time with family and is passionate about animal rescue.

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