ORX new users review

  At first glance, the #XPORX seems to be a ‘’lighter’’ version of the #XPDeus, referring to both weight (40gr less) and the software.
The Deus comes with 11  present programs and unlimited tweaking possibilities, while the ORX offers a 4+2 program formula, and limited tweaking options.

  The ORX headphones are stand alone units and have no control over the menu features like the Deus..
I guess one question to ask is: ‘’does everyone really need all the Deus options in order to have a successful day’’. I can sincerely answer that they don’t, and I’m saying that as an experienced Deus user.

  The ORX HAS BEEN RELEASED TO “fill a gap” in the XP line up, offering the Deus experience in a easier and cheaper package. When using the ORX, you will be able to benefit from the incredible XP technology, having a very powerful machine at a budget price. The ORX was originally designed to the search with higher frequencies, but that won’t exclude you from a generic type of search and targets such as militaria and coins.
The ORX is a similar machine to the Garrett AT Gold, as the factory presets are aimed at HF prospecting. The AT Gold is locked at 18kHz, the ORX with it’s frequency choices offer a totally different and richer detecting experience.

  Instead of testing the ORX ourselves, we decided to give it to a friend of ours, Alexander, who happens to be an AT Gold user. He was very curious about testing the ORX, and more than willing to enter the XP world for the first time. I think that his experience is a truly valuable hint, considering that he had never used any XP machine before.

Here’s Alexander’s story:

  Finally, after years of using my trusty Garrett AT Gold, I had the chance to test a new machine. I must say, I’m never overly concerned about the latest technologies and most advanced #metaldetectors , for me the whole detecting experience is being out in the country with my thoughts, but hey, yes,  a decent machine would help for sure.

  During the past years, I’ve somehow educated my ears to listen for high signals, as the AT Gold can be a very noisy tool.
I thought, that it might be best to test the ORX ‘’old style’’, by going on old spots that I had considered to be ‘’emptied’’. We are talking about areas that have given up some good results in the past, scanned with great care and patience. First things first…this machine is F%&*#g light Man…..It was an incredible feeling, I kept thinking that I had left something back at the car, but no, I was fully equipped!

  After overcoming the weight factor shock, I started to play with the ORX, using the factory settings & programs. I was prepared for a very noisy experience but it wasn’t so. I was aware of the machine’s high sensitivity, as I could almost ‘’feel it’’: a lot of very short sounds and the tension between them, but overall the machine was very stable, quiet.

  Previously I had watched Gary’s ORX tutorials and XP set up guides (which I highly recommend) I decided to use the machine in a totally ‘’blank’’ way, using only the factory programs with their original settings, without changing them.

The chase !

  I was searching the side of a vast forest, and after few bottle caps and various scrap, I was without realizing it “acquainted” with the ORX workflow.
The second major thing you will notice, as an XP newbie, is the recovery speed between targets. Yes, I know that everyone states that, but I would state it anyway…the speed of this machine is incredible, and in a totally different league to my previous experiences with the AT Gold.

  I was using the Gold program and already impressed with the machine, and I was thinking that probably a big part of my hype was also related to the fact that the ORX was my first new experience after years of the AT Gold marriage, I was somehow trying to reduce the fire the ORX already produced in my thoughts, trying to remain neutral and perhaps loyal to the AT. But something incredible happened, something that would influence anyone’s judgment.

  I was following the path along the forest edge, when I picked up a mixed signal, which grabbed my attention because it was strong and stable, stronger than the foil sound I had been listening to, the meter gave high 75-80 readings. On a path infested by all sorts of modern junk, at about 7-10cm deep, the ORX had located 2 gold links, I would say ancient gold links!!! I was totally shocked, speechless, I was staring at the ORX display, and then at the gold links, it was like in a movie ‘’Buy an ORX to find gold!!’’ and I had indeed found Gold and this was only my first experience with it, WOW!

Impressed !

  I had previously discovered few Roman silver coins and small bronze decoration fragments in the area, but never Gold. The two links have a 9,5gr weight, and we think they were used as exchange goods/money and not fragments from a bigger piece (also considering that a Roman Gold coin has an average weight between 3/4gr). I will get  more information from the museum staff, after they have analysed the piece.

  I was in a dreamy state of mind, continuously thinking about the fact that most probably my other machine would have skipped that target. I felt I had enough action for that day, so I head back to the car.

  On my way, I noticed a large hill, covered by high rice grass. I don’t know why, but I felt the urge to investigate, even if the grass was too high, even if I had to keep the coil at 5cm above the ground it was something I had to do.

  I thought ‘’one good reading and that’s it, even if it’s a pull tab or Aluminium, it’s been such a great day anyway…what the heck’’. I was walking along the side of the field, near to the road, when the ORX hit a stable, high 84 reading, I thought ‘’OK, here you have the aluminium scrap you wanted to dig’’, I started to dig the signal.

  Man…’’the aluminium scrap’’, in fact, was an incredible ancient Greek silver coin, more precisely a Thasos tetradrachm 146 BC having 17gr. I was shaking, it was like a candid camera moment, but I was alone in that field. No need to say that the first thing I did once home, I ordered a full XP ORX set up, with the intention of going back onto that field soon, so keep a look out for more information.

  I honestly don’t know if other machines would have picked those signals, but for me that day was a life changing MD experience.

And I’ll say it once more: The ORX from XP metal detectors is a killer !

XP Metal Detectors, you gained a new fan, THANKS!

Alexander from Bacau – Romania


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