RC Dunn



On the XP Deus’ versatility: “The number one selling point for me when I first researched the Deus was its functionality and ability to handle any ground condition.”


RC Dunn is a Television Producer from Altoona, IA. He’s been actively detecting with the XP Deus for 3 years. Along with his wife and two daughters, he enjoys uncovering history and vacationing on the North Shore of Lake Superior.

Favorite Feature of the Deus: “My favorite feature definitely has to be how fast you can change coils. What other detector can you hit one button and boom, you can go from an 11” coil to a 9” HF coil.”

On XP Deus Team USA: “I’m honored to be a part of the team. As a brand ambassador for XP Detectors, I’m ready to share my knowledge and passion for this extraordinary company with those right here in the United States.”

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