Scott Lupro


“I am truly honored to be a part of the team and representing Maryland. As a brand ambassador for XP, I’m here to help anyone (anywhere) master the Deus and help you get more out of your hunts. I am huge fan XP and I’m excited to help them help you here in the United States.”


Scott Lupro is a Computer Scientist and Online Content Creator from Carroll County, Maryland. He has been actively detecting with the XP Deus since March of 2016. Scott enjoys traveling all over Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania hunting old house sites, civil war camps, and old farms. During the summer, Scott likes to sneak off for week to Hilton Head, South Carolina with his wife, kids, and of course, his XP Deus.

Favorite Feature of the Deus: My favorite feature of the Deus is its ability to adapt to any condition and have a successful hunt. Old hunted out sites become new again when you can change frequencies and adjust a few settings. The versatility of the machine is simply amazing.

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