The Junk Man Ohio Civil War Medal, Deus Dreaming.

Deus Dreaming Army of Angels 13K The Junk Man Tim Glick.

“My best XP Deus find ever was found on a property that used to have an old school on it. It was a civil war medal of Ohio military veteran volunteers. My favorite part of this find was that it had a name on it, A name that could be traced to the civil war and puts a story to this find. The best kind of find you can have.”

Tim Glick AKA “The Junk Man” had found a great find about 4 years ago on a residence that used to house an old school from the 1800s. The thing that made this find so special was that it had a name John C. Mayfield of Ohio. After doing the research, Tim had found that Mr. Mayfield died in action in Marrietta Ga. on Aug 16, 1864. Tim had found that these medals were made by Tiffany & Company of New York and 20,000 were made and distributed in 1866. Mr. Mayfield had passed before receiving his medal and so the metal was distributed to Mr. Mayfield’s family. Tim Glick had tracked the grave of Mr. Mayfield and his father who also served in the civil war.

Tim had given the medal to the property owner but will never forget the forgotten history of just one of the hero’s that fought in the civil war.


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