Tim Glick


Favorite Features of the Deus:

“I love the Deus because it is lightweight, easy to use, wireless, fast and futuristic. To Tim the XP Deus is a dream machine and is why I, aka The Junkman says “ he’s Deus Dreaming”.


After Tim lost his teenage son then had two strokes he decided to start metal detecting to keep him mentally and physically occupied. Engaged it did. Tim would metal detect all year 24/7 if he could. He loves to hunt farm fields and old house sites.

Tim has found digging also brings joy and peace. It gives him a purpose with God, faith and grace. The Army of Angles are always with him when he’s out digging and saving Ohio history with his XP Deus.

Other interest Tim has are Kayaking, fishing, trap and skeet shooting, bicycling and his two Great Danes Libby and Stella.

Contact info: