Tracy Echols










“I am truly honored to be a part of this team and company.  I look forward to expanding my knowledge of this machine and helping others enjoy the passion of metal detecting the United States as much as I do!”


Tracy Echols is a Self-Employed Home Inspector in Richland, MS.  He has been detecting with the XP Deus for approximately 3 years and enjoys digging Civil War relics with friends throughout the USA. 

“I purchased the Deus basically because of the weight of the machine as I had tendinitis in my elbow that prevented me from digging for several months, I used a friends Deus for a few hours and ordered one the next day.  The weight was great but little did I realize that this machine is 14 detectors in 1 due to the ability to add or tweak programs depending on soil conditions and type of relics I am hunting.  The ease of changing coils is also a bonus and I must mention the speed of this machine is incredible especially in an old homesite with square nails.”

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