Ancient Deus finds from the UK

Hi All
Well myself and Gary Blackwell had a great day out and a good hunt on a fantastic ancient site. Weather was very hot so a couple of burnt necks!
Anyway we found a few medieval coins and a couple of Roman fibula brooches also a few Roman coins the best of which is a Julius Caesar silver denarius from around 60 BC a amazing find. The oldest find was a Bronze Age Razor around 3,000 years old

A great day with a great friend and we always have a few laughs when we manage to get out together. We were both using the 9” HF Coil with similar settings the mighty Deus does the business again. Dry testing conditions but the Hf Coil on 28khz worked a treat.


A great haul of Wheaties

XP Deus scanning new ground, comes up big 4 Silvers, 2 IHP’s, 4 Wheaties and some clad. Bucket lister/rare Barber 1892 “O” Half.
Greg B Williams

A Deus find of a lifetime

Ryan finds a rare US buckle with his XP Deus metal detector

The greatest find of my life! A genuine Confederate Wishbone “Snake Tongue “ belt buckle. An antiquities professor messaged me to say it’s in the best condition he’s seen and the provenance would be amazing if it could ever be determined how it made its way north! I’m a proud XP Deus user and this is one of many reasons why!

Ryan finds a rare US buckle with his XP Deus metal detector