Let’s talk ghost towns! By Sonya Harshman



     Ghost towns are my most favorite sites to hunt. They are usually loaded with a large variety of relics and coins. And to top it off…its pretty easy to find out where they were. There are huge selections of ghost town books at your local library, historical museum, and online to help you locate exactly where they were. They almost always have old pictures of the towns too. All you have to do is take the time to do some research. These long lost towns are EVERYWHERE and worth the time to find out where they are. I have found quite a bit at my ghost towns, including numerous Indian Heads, large cents, shield and V nickels, but here are my favorites. So go find your closest ghost towns. You’ll be glad that you did. 




Allens XP Deus first finds

Had a awesome day Won the equinox on a razz sold to John for 450$. He had been dreaming about that machine.
Big upgrade from at pro.
Anyways. Second hole. 4 reale. Then John scored token. Anytime permission 500 acres I Loves thy Deus.

Early Success for Ray

Had my second outing with my Deus, finds where a few coins , 1 ring , and some bling.

This is a awesome machine , I can tell already !

Second time out with my Deus -Gold

Only my second time using my new XP DEUS I went to an old ghost town. This spot had given me troubles with two other high end machines. Thinking that I was really gonna put this new XP machine to the test, I basically took the DEUS fast program and turned it down a bit to compensate for all the iron. I set the frequency to 12. I have been detecting for a few years now and this was, by far, my best day detecting!

Written by
Joel Leibelt
Article courtesy of XP Americas
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15 Silvers in a weekend

I started off Saturday’s detecting with my XP Deus with a friend in a park I had been getting a few silvers in the past. We found a small area near a tree where we started digging wheat cents.

I said to Greg “there has to be silver here” and sure enough he said hey “I got a silver Washington!” Sweet then the silver started to surface Mercury’s Rosie’s another silver quarter for me a few war nickels more wheats. I ended up with 11 silvers and 38 wheats and about $7,00 $8.00 In clad in a few hours!

Next day I returned with high hopes of finding more and maybe a half dollar. First more wheat pennies then another war nickel and then a silver rosie not bad. I was moving to a new spot in the park a little bit of a hill along the roadside I figured good spot where people may have sat.

Well I had a 97 on the Deus! From past experience I knew I had silver! So I dug a good sized plug and saw a silver Franklin half dollar 1954! It was my third silver half dollar in two months!

I ended my XP Deus hunt after the silver half as I had to go to work, and then after I decided to go back and hunt the school yard in the dark we’ll the first signal I had in a spot that was never hunted by me or anyone else I had a solid 94 I thought a clad quarter I was wrong when I saw the eagle starring at me I knew I had an old coin when I flipped it I saw it was a seated quarter – 1876 in beautiful condition!

An unbelievable weekend hunt all possible with my XP DEUS Thank you!
Written by
Mark Kus
Article courtesy of XP Americas
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Ancient Deus finds from the UK

Hi All
Well myself and Gary Blackwell had a great day out and a good hunt on a fantastic ancient site. Weather was very hot so a couple of burnt necks!
Anyway we found a few medieval coins and a couple of Roman fibula brooches also a few Roman coins the best of which is a Julius Caesar silver denarius from around 60 BC a amazing find. The oldest find was a Bronze Age Razor around 3,000 years old

A great day with a great friend and we always have a few laughs when we manage to get out together. We were both using the 9” HF Coil with similar settings the mighty Deus does the business again. Dry testing conditions but the Hf Coil on 28khz worked a treat.


A great haul of Wheaties

XP Deus scanning new ground, comes up big 4 Silvers, 2 IHP’s, 4 Wheaties and some clad. Bucket lister/rare Barber 1892 “O” Half.
Greg B Williams

A Deus find of a lifetime

Ryan finds a rare US buckle with his XP Deus metal detector

The greatest find of my life! A genuine Confederate Wishbone “Snake Tongue “ belt buckle. An antiquities professor messaged me to say it’s in the best condition he’s seen and the provenance would be amazing if it could ever be determined how it made its way north! I’m a proud XP Deus user and this is one of many reasons why!

Ryan finds a rare US buckle with his XP Deus metal detector