Not too long ago I was able to get my hands on an XP hard transport case.  Sure… I’ve seen video reviews, social media posts of people’s thoughts about the case, and other online reviews. Prior to receiving mine I had only seen one in person, one other time, and for all of about 5 minutes.  Obviously, that is not enough time to form an opinion of a product. Although some online reviews may have slightly mixed or varying in opinions of the hard transport case, I like to form my own opinions.  Some people seem to love the hard transport case… Some people seem to have their own ideas of a better method of protection.  Either way, it’s still protection which translates into peace of mind for the end-user.

     Let’s face it… When we purchase a machine we like to be able to take care of and protect our investment.  Proper care, maintenance, and storage is a big part of that.  Whether it’s long-term storage, short-term storage, travel, or just wanting to keep everything in one spot… A good quality Case can be a nice accessory to have to provide that protection and peace of mind.

     We’ve all heard horror stories of mishaps with machines while traveling. In the past, traveling with other machines, I have used a pelican storm 3100 series to protect my equipment both from damage and from the elements, so I was certainly looking forward to seeing how the XP hard transport case was constructed and how it could suit my needs.


Inside foam is cut precisely to fit your XP detector and accessories.

Parts are perfectly secured.

The foam is shaped to hold up to 3 search coils.

Padlock compatible. (padlock not included)

Double security lock.

Wide handle for a comfortable grip

Size: 28.74 x 11.41 x 6.69 Inches (73 x 47 x17 cm)

Weight: 7.3 Pounds (3.3kg)

     Upon receiving the case, which arrived quite quickly and undamaged in shipment, I noticed that it was quite ruggedly built. Although it may not be quite as rigid as a pelican case, it still provides quite sufficient protection for the machine and accessories that you will be storing inside of it.  XP took all of the guesswork out of things and made the process of storing your machine and accessories quite simple. No more cutting foam to fit what you are trying to store. Everything is already pre-cut, with plenty of storage room as well,  and a fair amount of foam surrounding everything to provide adequate protection. Whether you’re throwing it in your vehicle, traveling, or just storing it all in one spot, under your bed or in the corner the case is a great way to get things done. I even found after putting all of my accessories into the case, including charging cable and clip, camera mount, rain dust cover, additional charging clip and cable, headphones, remote, and other parts of the machine  I still had room for a camera as well as a portable USB pack that I use for charging the equipment and accessories.

     I’ve been using the XP hard transport case for a while now and find that it fits my needs wonderfully when it comes to the XP Deus.  It is also worth noting that the XP hard transport case is not just for the XP Deus. It also works for the other XP models that have the s shaft telescopic stem such as the new ORX.

    Dust protection, protection from the elements, or just storage, the XP hard transport case will get the job done quite well.  Is it the right choice for you? You will have to be the judge of that. For myself and others who have been using the hard transport case for a while now they seem to be very satisfied. Remember… We’ve all heard those stories about equipment getting broken during transport and travel. You can’t put a price on peace of mind and protecting the gear that we use.

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