XP ORX Full throttle

Detectorists out there may think because the ORX is a simplified version of the XP Deus the performance has been compromised

Well I am here to inform you that’s not true in fact the guys at XP Metal Detectors placed performance at the top of their list when designing the ORX.
The factory pre set programs are a very good starting point if you just want to enjoy the ORX for what it is, but as time progresses it’s always nice to open the throttle and see what she can do.
During our testing we found the ORX to be very well behaved but you could easily unleash the devil by switching from Coin Fast to Coin Deep providing your site conditions allowed it.
Coin Fast has impeccable manners but it can be pushed if needed by simply lowering the discrimination to 5.5 or lower, then raising the sensitivity up a few notches, we found 99 was still usable, although a little EMI was noticeable.

What if I change the parameters using Coin Deep ?

Good luck with that one, Coin Deep uses a different filtering and punches hard !

If your metal detecting site conditions will allow “Full Throttle” using Coin Deep….Hang on to your hat because the ORX is an animal.

Check out Gary’s latest XP Skill School video showing how to push the ORX to the limits along with some other great tips.

There’s more XP talk over at the XP Team USA Facebook page, drop by and say Hi, we would really like to hear from you.

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